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Key Facial Exercises for a Complete Facial Tone

The envisage Facial Exerciser is Revolutionizing Facial Care.

Envisage Chargerenvisage prompts a more youthful complexion to return naturally with no need for costly or invasive techniques. envisage is a unique approach to optimizing facial tone and tightening skin. The envisage facial exerciser is an attractive hand-held device which is designed to specifically target six areas of the faceā€“deep cheek lines, double chin, saggy jowls, loose neck skin, forehead lines and saggy eyelids. The hand held device allows you to apply precise pressure to create resistance as you exercise each of these areas. The resistance the pads applies is key to achieving excellent facial tone. You intensify the workout with the vibration feature. By targeting an area with resistance and vibration you are strengthening the small facial muscles and in doing so, achieve better facial tone and tighter skin. As you do the exercises, you are replacing the fat lost with aging and atrophied muscle with real muscle. You are also increasing the blood flow to the face which activates skin collagen. This is how you improve skin tone and reduce facial wrinkles and folds. The envisage is ergonomically-designed; it fits comfortably in your hand and the vibration button is easy to access. A charger is included. Envisage is made of high-quality, non-toxic, materials, and has been carefully designed to be gentle on your skin.

Key Benefits

Why not exercise your facial muscles the same way you would your abdominals? All muscles in your body respond the same way. So just as you can tighten sagging abdominals with exercise, you can achieve the same results with sagging facial cheeks and jowls. And the good news is, since facial muscles are small, you only need to exercise these muscles for a few minutes a day for fantastic results.

  • Tighter and more radiant facial skin
  • Improved texture of skin
  • Reduced smile lines
  • Firmer jowls, double chin and neck area
  • Less hollowness below the eyes
  • Less saggy upper eyelids
  • A more lively and less tired looking face
  • A more youthful and vibrant facial glow
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