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Design Therapy Inc.

Envisage™ facial exerciserDesign Therapy Inc was founded in 2003.The company’s objective was to develop products that would allow customers to be proactive in maintaining their health and vitality.

It is exactly this objective that led to the development of the first envisage™ beauty enhancing facial exerciser.

The envisage™ facial exerciser is the brainchild of one of Canada’s leading physiotherapists, Anita Lorelli. Research and clinical experience led Anita to find alternatives to the risks and pain of scalpels and needles that woman feel are their only anti-aging alternatives.

Anita has used resistance devices and exercises to treat difficult ailments in her physiotherapy patients for over two decades. In the clinic Anita founded in 1988, she was inspired to develop an all-natural product designed to fight aging. “I kept seeing women come in who had Botox and painful facial surgery and I thought there had to be a better way”.

It is precisely this philosophy and her specialized expertise that led Anita to her pursuit of effective and proactive tools for people to use to maintain their youth and vitality, naturally. This gave way to the birth of the first facial exerciser that was released in 2003. Anita sold approximately 3500 of the first version of the envisage™ product. The customer feedback was stellar. It was apparent that Anita had tapped an unmet need: a safe, natural way to tone facial muscles and remove wrinkles. Anita’s remaining challenge was to make the benefits of the envisage™ available with a product that was easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing.

After years of development and testing, the new envisage™ is now available for customers online. To date, the clients who have bought the new envisage™ enjoy the feel and the experience of the product, find it easy to use, and are very pleased with their facial toning results.

Meet Anita Lorelli, President and Founder of Design Therapy Inc. & envisage™

Anita Lorelli founder of Design Therapy Inc. & the envisage facial exercise device.Anita Lorelli is a leading physiotherapist. She graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto, Science and Physiotherapy program. Ms. Lorelli began her career at the Canadian Back Institute and practiced in orthopedics at Women’s College Hospital. During this time, she devoted herself to postgraduate study on orthopedics of the body, completing courses under the auspices of the Canadian Orthopedics Association, the Ontario Orthopedics Association, the McKenzie Institute and studying under international experts in the functioning and therapy of specific parts of the body.

In 1988, she founded her physiotherapy clinic and has practised privately since that time. She regularly shares her expertise, mentoring colleagues and working as a private consultant and giving media interviews on health issues for newspapers and magazines such as Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Vitality, and Report on Business and on television programs such as TVO’s More to Life and Breakfast TV. She has earned recognition from peers and clients, and she continues to learn and study.

In 2000, Ms Lorelli pursued an intensive course in Mechanical Diagnostic Therapy with the McKenzie Institute which had a significant impact on her practice, helping her to refine her approach to patient focused problem solving. She is one of fewer than 20 physiotherapists across Canada who have completed this program. This full-time 3-6 month program, developed by renowned back specialist Robin McKenzie, provides advanced training in understanding how the tissues of the body work, so that physiotherapists can think outside the box in treating patients. Only with this highly specialized knowledge can a physiotherapist properly intervene to reverse injury. Clinicians focus on prevention and intervention, and helping patients to take control of their own treatment.

It is precisely this philosophy and her specialized expertise that led Ms. Lorelli to her pursuit of effective and proactive tools for people to use to improve health and vitality. The envisage™ facial exerciser represents the first in a line of innovative devices that she is currently developing.

The married mother of three very active children, she was a Varsity swimming and track competitor in university. She stays fit by running, golfing and playing tennis and continues to compete in Seniors Canadian and Ontario tennis championships.

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