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Just For Men: 10 Super Simple Skin Care Tips for Younger, Firmer & Healthier Looking Skin

super simple skin care tips made simple for the busy man
Having radiant, toned facial skin is not just a women’s matter. In fact, research shows that women are more attracted to men who have good skin. That’s why having a solid skin care routine – even if you’re a guy – is of utmost importance! It doesn’t have to involve expensive creams or cosmetic surgeries either. With these 10 simple skin care tips, you can be well on your way to tightening your facial skin and preventing unsightly wrinkles. Here’s …

How To Make Kombucha Tea – DIY Recipe & Guide

How to make kombucha tea
Kombucha tea is easy to make and a great way to integrate probiotics into your diet. We all know the benefits of probiotics for healthy skincare and anti-aging and how effective it can be when utilized regularly! With summer on its way, why not start your own batch to sip on the patio with this recipe and guide on how to make kombucha tea? Not only is this tea great for your body and skin, but it tastes good too! …

The Effect of Movement and Exercise on Collagen, Muscles, and Connective Tissue

how movement effects collagen, muscles, and connective tissue
The Importance of Movement When It Comes to Skin Toning All connective tissues including collagen, muscles, bones, and nerves will change according to the stress applied to the tissues. Immobility to all the tissues listed above will cause the connective tissues and collagen to decrease protein synthesis, thereby causing a decrease in size and tone of the collagen tissues resulting in atrophy. The same applies to facial muscles and skin. The less we move our facial structures, the less protein …

The Pros of Probiotics and Their Role in Healthy Skin Care

probiotics and how they play a part in healthy looking skin
What Are Probiotics? Right now there are more than a trillion microorganisms living in your digestive system, and together they make up as much as three percent of your body weight.  Some are good, like those that help the body digest food, make vitamins, and protect from harmful pathogens. Others are not so good, like those associated with chronic fatigue, candidiasis, obesity, and certain types of cancer. Probiotics are healthy microorganisms that live outside the body, often found in bacteria …

A Fresh Face for Workplace Confidence

building your self esteem also builds your self confidence
Confidence: The Little Known Factor for Workplace Success Everyone knows that a good first impression is paramount in a job interview, but what about a continued impression for the remainder of your career? Which factors have an impact on our career longevity and progression that we may not realize? Experts agree that one of the most critical elements in career success is confidence. Confidence and the Workplace Confidence is one of the easiest and most important personal brand attributes that …

Yoga For Body, Mind, and Smoother Skin!

keep stress levels low to keep signs of aging at bay
Yoga is not only great for the body and mind, but also for your skin. By reducing the effects of stress through cleansing, stretching and breathing, yoga contributes to an overall well being that includes healthy, glowing skin. In addition to a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, adding simple yoga poses to your morning routine will help kick start your body’s natural detoxification process and help maintain clear and youthful skin. Yoga poses and breathing exercises that promote smoother …

The Benefits of Facial Therapy

  Before getting into the benefits of facial therapy, we must first, to a degree, understand how the muscles and skin of the face work. The muscles in the human body are designed to work in specific patterns of contraction and relaxation, and this is no different for the muscles in the face.  This automatic response, called neuromuscular firing, is a constant loop of a nerve engaging, a muscle contracting, and a nerve engaging again.   When there’s a weakness in …

Sunscreen is not just for Summer

Summer skin care and you
The sun’s rays are strong enough to cause premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer, yet it is estimated that one third of North Americans still don’t use sunscreen regularly.  When the sun’s ultraviolet light hits unprotected skin, the fibers of the skin called elastin break down causing it to sag, stretch and discolour.  The ingredients in sunscreen combine to absorb these damaging UV rays, and keep them from penetrating the skin. In addition to dangerous pre-cancerous and …

The Science of Skin

how movement effects collagen, muscles, and connective tissue
Skin is the body’s largest and heaviest organ.  It accounts for almost fifteen percent of the body’s overall weight and as an adult covers an area of approximately 16-20 square feet.  The main function of skin is to provide a protective cushion for fragile internal organs, blood and bones and acts as a barrier to harmful bacteria and germs.  Skin helps regulate the body’s temperature and allows us to feel sensations such as touch, heat and coldness. Skin is made …

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