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envisage’s Facial Exercise Makes an Appearance in the Pages of Fashion Magazine

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Our envisage facial massager is all about making a difference in the lives of women, so imagine our delight when we saw that we were featured in the October 2013 issue of Fashion magazine! Fashion was established in 1977, and now resides in Toronto as one of the biggest and most popular magazines in all of Canada. Fashion has over 1.8 million readers, and the largest Twitter presence of any Canadian magazine. Since Fashion is all about looking towards the future and helping women be flexible and stylish, we’re glad they gave our facial massager a shout out. Writer Lynn Crossbie samples a huge variety of eye-rejuvenation tricks and tools in the piece ‘Vicious Circles’, and finds most of them lacking. Whether it’s Preperation H that has a suspiciously fishy smell, or overpriced creams that mostly provide peace of mind, many of the facial tightening options on the market simply don’t do the job. Our facial massager is affordable, convenient, scientifically proven, and gives long-term results. If you’ve found us from the pages of Fashion and want a facial exerciser of your very own, then please visit our store. For more information on our product, then check out our FAQ or our blog. Have any questions or concerns? We’d be happy to help you out. Just send us a line and we’ll respond ASAP!

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