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How Exercises for Facial Muscles Trump the Quick Fix Treatments

The ‘instant gratification’ mindset has probably rubbed off on you over the last few years.  Everything is focused on speed nowadays – whether it’s high-speed internet to your phone or immediate service at your favourite clothing store. Many people adopt the same mentality when it comes to their appearance, and as a result, they may try unusual and unsafe things in order to achieve the look they want. Do you feel the pressure to do the same?

If so, don’t beat yourself up about it. Today’s beauty standards are fairly unrealistic, and it’s normal to feel like you just don’t measure up. However, if you think common cosmetic procedures are the best way to go in order to have those ‘ideal’ looks, you need to see both sides of the argument. Also, if you have doubts about the effectiveness of facial muscle exercises, you should consider some points that will put those doubts to rest. With that said, there are clear reasons why you should choose facial exercises over cosmetic procedures. Let’s take a further look.

But Facial Exercises Don’t Work You Say!

You’ve probably seen YouTube videos or blog posts where people have these silly looks on their faces. According to the creators of these “how-to” guides, the facial exercises they demonstrate have the power to reverse the signs of aging and other facial issues. However, they misrepresent those who truly understand the power that real facial exercises can have for you.

Effective facial muscle exercises are ones that activate the deep tissues within the face and improve circulation. These exercises apply resistance that actually strengthens and tones facial muscles. The silly faces that so-called “experts” make are usually gimmicks and blatant attempts in order for them to gain fame. Why feed the propaganda?


Facial Exercises that Actually Work:

  • Exercises that Involve the Fingers These exercises require you to use your fingers and thumbs and directly apply pressure to your face. While these can yield results, they are often minimal.
  • Gadgets that Massage the Face These gadgets usually provide deep tissue workouts and many vibrate in order to give your facial muscles a more vigorous, resistance workout.

Procedural Drama

When we talk about procedural drama, we’re not talking about those addictive legal and medical shows you watch in the evenings after work. We’re talking about the frenzy that surrounds the cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery – which are ironically featured in many prime-time shows. There was once a time when it seemed that these aesthetic treatments were only available to a select few. Now your average ‘Sally’ or ‘Bob’ can have a procedure and you may not even notice it at first, and this is especially true for facial treatments.

That brings us to our topic of discussion: cosmetic treatments for the face. Humans are visual creatures by nature, and there’s an intrinsic desire to improve our looks. Unfortunately, modern media makes beauty so complicated and for many people, unattainable. As a result, numerous individuals skip out on natural treatments, such as facial muscle exercises and go for more of the invasive procedures to obtain those drastic results.

Many People Resort to:

  • BotoxA popular choice for wrinkle reduction. Individuals who want fast wrinkle reduction often resort to botulinum toxin.
  • Collagen InjectionsAnother popular treatment used for facial rejuvenation and reconstructive surgeries.
  • SurgeryThe most intensive route that people take is surgery, since they can achieve desired results in a short period of time.

Admittedly, the above-mentioned procedures can bring about fast results that non-invasive methods can’t compete with. You might have even considered going this route, especially if you are among those who want to see results right away. However, there are a few reasons to avoid this path.

Reasons to Think Twice:

With facial muscle exercises, you can avoid the unpleasant recovery periods of plastic surgery

  • ComplicationsYou may have a medical condition or take medication that doesn’t interact well with anesthesia, or an error could lead to temporary or permanent damage.
  • CostsAlthough cosmetic treatments are more available to the general public, the costs still remain high.
  • CareIf you’re not a fan of extra hassles, then you will appreciate that some of these procedures are not for you. Maintenance can become a necessary routine if you undergo some of these procedures.
  • AppearanceIt is also important to consider how the procedure may affect your appearance afterwards. Your facial features may start to look more “plastic” as opposed to the natural look you may desire

Coming to Grips with Reality

You may look at celebrities who have had plastic surgeries and say to yourself, “wow!” in awe. However, you shouldn’t feel envious of them. First of all, they are celebrities, and they have teams of people who work on them to give them that so-called “perfect” look. Makeup artists, photographers, editors, and a whole lot more come into the picture, so even a before and after photo is not something to trust. Also, when you see these before and after pictures on websites, you should pay careful attention to the amount of improvement between the photos. Although noticeable, it usually isn’t drastic.

With that said facial muscle exercises are the best way to go if you are like the general population. The usual complaints – (wrinkles, laugh lines, puffiness) don’t warrant the use of a laser, knife, or needle. While it’s true that plastic surgery can offer you immediate results, there is no guarantee that it will drastically change how you look for the better. More importantly, the after-effects of cosmetic procedures can be unpleasant and even permanent.

Even plastic surgeons and cosmeticians don’t treat everyone, since they know that procedures don’t benefit all patients. They also know that in many instances, cosmetic procedures might only make things worse.

With facial muscle exercises:

  • You get a pain-free massage that targets your muscles and connective tissues
  • Facial exercises are all that’s necessary when it comes to the normal beauty concerns of all human beings – whether you’re in the public eye or not
  • Not only does it feel great, you actually improve circulation which has major health benefits in general
  • There are no lasers, knives or needles, so basically, there is little to worry about
  • They are convenient, cost-effective, and virtually free of complications

The same can’t be said about conventional cosmetic procedures!

Facial muscle exercises are soothing way to obtain those results you desire

So Which One Do You Choose?

So now let’s say that you have a laugh line or a loose chin with the desire to get rid of it ASAP. Sometimes emotions get in the way, and it’s easy to feel the need to go for the fastest option, which in this case would be traditional cosmetic procedures. Then you have facial exercises that seem to lie in a gray area surrounded by doubt and controversy. With both of these facts in mind, what option should you pick?

Factors that Influence Your Choice:

1. Severity of the Issue Honesty is key here. If you are like most people, your issue might be a common problem faced by many, so there is no real need to take drastic measures to “fix” it.

2. The Facial Issue itselfThere are some facial concerns, such as puffiness, that require nothing more than gentle care in order to see improvements.

3. Your Budget Always consider what your budget can accommodate. Cosmetic procedures are still quite costly, while facial exercises cost little in comparison.

4. Your Current Health As with all surgical procedures, cosmetic procedures carry health risks, especially if you currently have certain medical conditions or are taking medications.

5. Emotions and Self-Esteem Related to the severity of the issue is how you perceive the problem. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, then it may be necessary for you to take a more drastic approach.

6. How You Want to be Perceived – Even though you may want to alter your appearance, it doesn’t mean that you want to necessarily look like you’ve been ‘enhanced’. In other words, you’ll most likely seek results that appear as natural as possible.

As mentioned before, plastic surgery and injections are unnecessary for most beauty concerns, and surgeons themselves will discourage patients who don’t need them. There have been many instances where these treatments have led to the disfigurement, and unfortunately, the deaths of the patients.

Even in cases where the procedure is a success, surgeons will often warn patients that the results don’t last forever. What you should really take away is that cosmetic procedures lead to noticeable, but not dramatic changes like the ones you see on T.V. If they do, there’s a good chance that those dramatic results are unwanted results.

Choose Exercise Over Risky Procedures

There are certainly times when cosmetic procedures are the best option. For example, if you were to suffer from an injury or burn that caused facial disfigurement, invasive procedures will bring you results that are much more satisfying. However, if you are like most individuals who have minor issues, facial muscle exercises provide your muscles with the motions they need to naturally tighten your face. The beauty of these exercises is that they bring about no negative or aversive side effects, and there is no need to worry about a recovery period afterwards. Sure, the results may take a bit longer to notice. However, you can have confidence that they will bring you the changes you desire, without the unwanted troubles.

Take the natural route and check out the envisage facial exerciser!



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